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John P. Tuttle

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John P. Tuttle, USA, “was born in Oakland, California in June of 1966.  The oldest of 10 children (six brothers and three sisters) he lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the small town of Dublin, until 1976 when his father took a job in Sacramento, CA where his immediate family has resided ever since.  He is a 1984 graduate of Elk Grove High School in Elk Grove, CA.  The summer previous to his graduation he enlisted in the United States Army.  After graduation he went to Fort Knox, KY where he would spend the next 3 years of his life. 

The adventure would continue on and off until September of 2002.  These adventures would include stays in Kentucky, Texas, California, Washington, Iowa, Germany and 6 months in the Middle East during Operation Desert Shield/Storm.  In 2002, he started work for Applied Systems, Inc, a software company, working his way out of technical support into his current position as a Software Tester.” John P. Tuttle is the author of Atop the Spiral Stair.

According to the book description of Atop the Spiral Stair, “J.P. Tuttle is a poet whose work betrays his intimate familiarity with pure inspiration. He does not resist the forces that constantly swirl about him, in nature and in relationships with his fellow travelers, but eagerly invites them into his lungs and his heart and into every part of his ancient soul. He longs to feel everything; to comprehend, and to write. The works in this book are the result of a life lived boldly, a life of innocent faith, horrific war, tenacious love, joyous fatherhood, and focused ambition. This is a man who understands that even an assault of painful emotions heralds a proclamation of life and the will to survive. In nature, he finds a source of eternal hope that sustains him through all things. And with us he graciously shares, by way of his poetry, his insights, his fears, his hopes, and his dreams. J.P. invites you to share his walk. To him it’s an act of gratitude, a gesture of thanks to a world that’s given him a journey—sometimes blissful and sometimes tragic—but always full of wonder.”

Atop the Spiral Stair
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